Meet Bingo!

Bingo is a Terrier mix and is being cared for by RESCUE (Reducing Euthanasia at Shelters through Commitment and Underlying Education) in Phoenix, Arizona.

There was a dog who had no home and Bingo was his name "O", B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O and home with you, he'll go! What a cutie! He looks like the typical Disney dog in a 50 pound package. Bingo is quickly making some fans out there amongst the RESCUE volunteers!

He is very lovable and full of personality. Bingo has had a "ruff" go of things and appears to have been mistreated in the past. He is hand shy and somewhat timid and hesitant initially, but the shelter volunteers are sure that he will gain much more confidence the more he is exposed to positive experiences.

At this time, we would not recommend young children in the household. Bingo needs a patient family who will understand his fears, but yet help him move beyond them towards a happy future. Once Bingo feels safe with you, he lets his silly side show and will bounce around doing little play bows.

He tends to be lacking social etiquette at times with other dogs, and thinks that everyone wants to play as rough as he does! He can be a little pushy in play, often putting a paw on the back, or a lick in the face to try and initiate play, so another patient dog would be a wonderful match for him. Bingo doesn't seem to mean any harm, and does want to play, but his social skills might need a little polishing.

Bingo is about four years old, out of that puppy stage, playful and active. Shy and hesitant initially, he will need some time to know he's safe and loved.

For more information on Bingo contact Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona.