Meet Boris!

Boris is a Labrador/Viszla Mix, about 1-2 years old, and neutered. He is an exuberant, handsome, lover of life, seeking committed humans of his very own.

He has the best traits of the Labrador and Viszla breeds - playfulness, high energy level, and quite capable of entertaining you for hours at a time. Boris can be persistent and strong-willed, but at the same time show you his calm and sweet side. I'm a diamond in the rough at the moment

Boris is housebroken, needs positive obedience, and is unsure of other dogs and cats. He is currently being cared for by Community Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) in Evanston, IL.

C.A.R.E. is the Community Animal Rescue Effort, a not-for-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the humane treatment of domestic pets through public education and active involvement with the abused and abandoned animals brought to the Evanston Animal Shelter.

To visit Boris, click here!