Meet Chex!

Chex wants to be your friend. He is approximately 5 years old. If it's not too much trouble, he'd like to follow you around when you're outside, and sit next to you when you're inside. He'd like to lay his head gently on your lap so you can pet him.

He'd like to sleep on the floor next to your bed at night, and lay his head on the edge of the bed for more petting when you wake up. He'd like you to take him on nice long walks, and to the park. But more than anything, he doesn't want to be alone again.

Chex was picked up as a stray by a shelter in rural Indiana. He must have been abandoned by his previous owner because there is no way this sweet, sweet dog would ever run away from home. He's housebroken, walks nicely on leash, and knows some basic commands. He'll gladly learn some more if you take the time to teach him.

Chex is good with other dogs, but is most interested in his people. He likes kids, but shows a bit too much interest in cats, so he should go to a cat-free home. Don't let that furry coat fool you -- this guy is only 30 pounds, every one of them oozing sweetness and charm.

Chex is being fostered in the Chicago area through Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue. Their mission is twofold: to rescue, retrain and rehome the unwanted border collies who have come into their care, and to promote responsible pet guardianship through education.

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