Meet Einstein!

Einstein is blind. But before you count him out as your next best friend please give him a chance and read more about him. You see, even though he is blind....Einstein is a wonderful little dog despite the fact that he spent the first part of his life in pure misery.

Einstein had spent his whole life living in a cage. Rescued from a puppy mill where he had been used for breeding...and having nothing his whole life, this little guy is amazingly loving and sweet. After discovering that Einstein was blind due to cataracts, he was no longer "valuable" and was tossed out like trash. He was rescued and we are so happy to have him!

This six year old, male, cocker spaniel, may be blind, but it seems that he may be able to regain some sight in his right eye with surgery. He loves other dogs and people. He is such a sweet boy. His tail wiggles in pure joy whenever he is with people.

Because he is blind, he needs people who will understand his disability...if you can do that, Einstein will wiggle his way into your heart and will be the best friend you will ever have!

We found Einstein currently being cared for by Pet Promise in Columbus, Ohio. Pet Promise is made up a a group of volunteers who care about the future of companion animals and who work together to help change the future of homeless pets.

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