Meet Mabeline

Mabeline is an 8-10 year old Dalmation, about 55 lbs. She is s very active girl whose family doesn't have enough time for her. She would like much more attention and a chance to run and play!

She's OK with other dogs, perhaps a bit territorial, and OK with dogs in her home. Mabeline is good with older kids (10 and up) and is not showing any of the signs of old age. She is used to spending the day alone.

This pretty girl, with the gorgeous eye makeup, would like to meet an active family or person for fun adventures.

Mabe is currently with her owner, but is listed through Old Dog Haven in Arlington, Washington. Old Dog Haven is a very small group of people with a network of foster homes and supporters. Their goal is to provide a loving, safe home for senior dogs abandoned at a late stage of their lives. When they have room, and the means, they take these dogs into their homes; if possible they adopt out those with a reasonable life-expectancy., and care for the rest as long as they have good quality of life. In addition, we try to assist owners in finding new homes for their senior dogs through our website and referrals.

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