Meet Mister Dog!

Mister Dog is a 2 year old, neutered, Chinese Crested. He's a little guy with very limited life experience and is timid with strangers, but it doesn't last long when he gets to know you.

Right now, he's needy, very like a small child who's not sure of his place in life. Mister likes to ride and he likes to cuddle in a lap. Chinese Crested dogs are loyal and loving, often a one person dog. Clownish and playful, they are enjoyable companions.

With their exposed skin, they do need special care - lotions and winter clothes and no extended time in the sun. People familiar with Chinese Crested dogs describe them as sweet natured with awesome personalities. Because Mister Dog has never been around children, he needs an adult-only home.

We found Mister Dog being cared for by the Ark Animal Shelter in Cherryfield, Maine. Their mission is to provide compassionate care and placement of homeless animals through the shelter operation. To help alleviate overpopulation of companion animals by promoting their spaying/neutering. To promote and improve the welfare of all animals through community outreach and education.

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