Meet Eddie!

Eddie is a pleasure to walk on a leash and knows how to sit, lie down and almost roll over on cue. He may not go all the way over because his ears are still hurting him a little.

Eddie was living in a home and was loved by his family, but when they handled his painful ears, he reacted defensively and they returned him to the shelter. Eddie has chronic ear and eye problems that are so typical of Cockers. All his new adopter will have to provide is a home and plenty of love. Eddie was born in February 2003 and is 29 lbs.

We found him currently being care for by the League for Animal Welfare in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are a voluntary, nonprofit, humane organization chartered in 1949. The League for Animal Welfare, which has operated as a no-kill shelter since 1964, is dedicated to bettering the lives of companion animals in the Greater Cincinnati area by providing shelter, adoption, public education, and spay/neuter programs.

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