Meet Brando!

Brando is an awesome boy that's no trouble at all !!! He loves to play and if you tell him to find his ball he will look all day.

He's house trained, knows how to sit and shake hands just to name a few. He needs a fenced yard, and no young children. He also needs some extra time to get to know a few men. Some he takes up with right away, others...well they need to make an effort.

Brando will make some lucky family a wonderful friend and family member. He is 8 or 9 years old, but he acts like a puppy.

We met Brando currently being cared for by East Kentucky Rescue. They are a small rescue group run out of a home. They believe very strongly in responsible pet ownership and strive to give our friends a loving, caring and responsible home. Proper screening of each adopter's application helps ensure that their friends will be given the quality of life that he/she needs. They are strictly non profit and do not support PUPPY MILLS or BACKYARD BREEDERS. Their love for animals is the motivating force behind their mission.

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