Meet Brittany!

Brittany is a Brittany Spaniel. She is a sweet lady who was taken out of the pound and brought to Animal Ark in hopes of finding a real family to love and call her own. She's an older gal, looking for mellow fun. She just spent a week in foster care so they could find out more about her.

Her foster mom says that she is very cuddly and friendly and in a home setting, she's much more comfortable and eager to spend time with people. When she's happy, she would often do little "dances" around the house! Brittany does just fine with other dogs, but would also be OK being the only dog. And she's housetrained! One funny thing about her is that she can’t bark. Sometimes, she gets all excited and moves her mouth like she is barking but nothing comes out! It doesn’t seem like she's been debarked, because she doesn't make that quiet, croaky sound.

So, hey, do you have a spot for a cuddly, good-natured girl who’s easy to have around? Maybe you should come meet her! We found Brittany currently being taken care of by Animal Ark in Twin Cities, Minnesota!

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