Meet Butchie!

Butchie is a mature Airedale Terrier who appreciates a calm, quiet environment. The poor guy found himself in the middle of a divorce, and he subsequently became homeless.Butchie is a refined soul. (He is not a real fan of petting and roughhousing.) Also, he'd like you to know that he would really rather be the only pet in an adult-only house.

Butchie would make a very nice walking companion. He walks very well on a leash, never tugging or pulling. In fact, walking beside a kind two-legged friend is how Butchie prefers to interact with people.

He is pretty sensitive about having some parts of his body, such as his muzzle and mouth, handled. Poor Butchie also becomes nervous in new or unfamiliar situations. So a stable, predictable home is what this adorable older gentleman is searching for.

Now that we got those things out of the way, it's time to meet this quiet, considerate friend and discover the incredible gentleman that he is.

We found Butchie being cared for by Animal Friends. Animal Friends, Southwestern Pennsylvania’s premier companion animal resource center, is committed to building, nurturing and respecting the human-animal bond and creating a community where our relationship with companion animals is guided by compassion

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