Meet Charlie!

Charlie is a charming young brittany boy who was turned into the humane society for basically "being a puppy". Yes, he does have a high activity level, and may get into a little bit of mischief (given the chance), but none of his behaviors are outside the realm of a normal brittany puppy. In fact, his foster home thinks he might have the edge on most puppies with his good looks and silly personality.

He is a "conversationalist" - he likes to talk to you to get your attention. He is not a barker, but makes fun little vocalizations that add to his charm.

Charlie loves to play with other dogs, and would really like a playmate. He is good with kids and other animals. He needs some socialization and work on obedience, but is very eager to please. He would make a great addition to a family/home who has some time to spend giving him the groundwork he'll need to be an awesome adult dog.

We found Charlie through American Brittany Rescue and he is being fostered in Utah. For more information on Charlie, click here!