Meet Luther!

Luther was surrendered to a shelter when he was only 3 months old because he wasn't quite "perfect." It's not known whether his "defect" came as a result of an injury or he was born this way. Regardless of the origin, his handicap doesn't seem to slow him down one bit nor stop him from living life to the fullest.

Luther's back legs don't seem to get their signals quite right. They act as if they were "joined" together. Luther can walk, run, go up and down steps, jump up, do just about anything any "normal" dog can do. But when he does these things, he looks more like a "bunny" than a dog because both legs act as a "team." He has had a full neurological evaluation and testing. His condition is stable at this point and has not changed in over 2 months. If anything, he continues to get stronger every day.

Luther is otherwise a perfectly healthy and normal puppy. He is very sweet and affectionate, loves to cuddle up and be with his human friends. We believe he will do best in a home without other pets and with children who are older as he is already quite strong and being a puppy will jump up.

Luther is currently being cared for by Faith's Hope in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. They focus on some of the more difficult rescues, primarily dogs that have significant medical problems.

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