Meet Amira!

This week is National Dog Week and National Deaf Awareness Week. In honor of these weeks we are bringing you information about a really great organization - the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund. And all the rest of this week, we will be featuring deaf pups that need your help!

Meet Amira! Nine-week-old Amira is current on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and has been given flea/tick and heartworm preventative. She and her sister are "lethal white" Australian Shepherds, the result of a merle x merle breeding. Both Amira and her sister are bilaterally deaf, but do have some vision. Amira is the larger of the 2 pups, feisty and playful. She is nearly all white, with a blue merle behind! She is very cute and super affectionate.

Amira is currently being cared for by a foster home in Stow, ME. She is listed through the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund who provides education and funding for the purpose of improving and/or saving the lives of deaf dogs. They are a non-profit organization founded to speak on behalf of and assist in the betterment of life for deaf dogs everywhere.

Mum remembers the days when deaf dogs didn't have much of a chance in life. But now, through the efforts of many organizations and individuals, these pups that cannot hear can live a very healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. And they compete in sports and obedience, earn their Canine Good Citizenship awards, become wonderful therapy dogs and are cherished members of families throughout the World. All they need is a chance!

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