Meet Frodo!

Just as his namesake, Frodo is a stead-fast friend. He is even tempered and playful. He would excel either as an only dog or as part of a pup-pair, as long as there is lots of pup-wrestling!

He is a 6 year old black tri colored Aussie with a natural bobtail. Beautiful and funny, he uses his tail as a flag to announce all manner of emotion. Frodo might be suitable in home with dog-savvy cats, but might be a little rough and tumble for very young children.

Frodo has one fear, and that is that no one will want him. Why? Because he's allergic to many things in the environment and his care involves more work than most people want to put into him. We have his allergies under control, but he will likely need additional vet care when they flare up. Even though he's a funny, happy guy, Frodo still waits for that special family who will love everything about him.

Frodo is currently being cared for by the Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc. (ARPH) in Oregon and Washington. They are a group of volunteers dedicated to the Australian Shepherd breed. Their goal is to place Aussies in appropriate homes where they will be treasured members of the family.

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