Meet Odie!

Odie is a neutered male Fox Terrier with an approximate birth date of May 1993. He came to live at the Central Dakota Humane Society because his family felt they were unable to care for him.

He is an affectionate, loveable little dog... a very special boy looking for a special home. Because he doesn't hear well, he would need a loving home with a family willing to be understanding of this. Despite his hearing, he is always happy and blessed with enthusiasm, and a big, beautiful smile with an unbeatable spirit. All he desires is his own people to love.

Odie is currently being cared for by the Central Dakota Humane Society. They have had a shelter located three miles north of Mandan since 1994, but many people are surprised to find out that the organization has actually been doing good deeds in the community for over 46 years.

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