Meet Abby!

Abby lived her first seven years in a loving home, with four children and a male dog. When her owners got a divorce, her world was split in half; the two dogs stayed with the husband, and the children went with the wife.

Abby had loved “her kids” and missed them, but she still had her canine buddy. The new arrangement was short-lived, however, because there was a bad fire in the home. Abby’s owner couldn’t live there any longer, and he turned to a friend, who owned Abby’s sister/littermate, and asked him to take Abby. This arrangement didn’t work out, because the sister was jealous and kept attacking Abby. The new owner was worried about her safety and tried keeping Abby in a crate, which she hated; she kept breaking out in order to be near him. So as a last resort he turned to GSRNE and asked that we find Abby a real home of her own.

Abby likes walks, attention and affection, hearing your voice, food of all kinds, water coming from the hose, fetching and chewing sticks, being given directions and a job. She dislikes squirrels and birds (and now they know that includes cats), going to the vet, being left all alone, being in the crate when alone, thunderstorms, fireworks, or anything that sounds like either.

Everyone who has met Abby agrees that she’ll be standoffish at first; but once she gets to know you, she can be an incredibly sweet girl who LOVES affection. She might use her nose or her paw to demand attention, but she’ll stop if you ignore the behavior for a second or two. Once she gives you her heart, she just wants to be near you as much as possible.

Abby is currently being cared for by foster parents associated with German Shepherd Rescue of New England.

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