Meet Bozo!

When Bozo first arrived in foster care he was very afraid of strangers and did not want to come out of his dog house. But after a few days, he decided that is was okay and now he can't wait to go to the exercise pen and play and run and get his petting and attention.

Bozo will be a year old in November and he is now one of the friendliest and most loving dogs you will ever meet. This is the type of dog that is one of the best for a family - he is a boxer mix and not too large, weighing about 55 pounds. And he is a very happy dog now.

He is learning to play and will chase a ball or toy and will sometimes even bring it back to you! Bozo is neutered and has had his shots, so he is ready for a good home with kids and lots of activity. He is also housebroken, and will not mess in his kennel. Great dog for a family, and he is one of the favorites in foster care.

Bozo is currently being cared for through a foster family associated with Angels for Animals in Southwest Utah. They are a small group of volunteers who rescue, foster and find homes for adoptable animals.

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