Meet Budda!

Budda is a very sweet and gentle-natured Rottweiler. He would love nothing more than to sit by your side and have you pet the top of his head all day long. But when he is not getting loved on, he loves to romp in the yard with his doggie toys.

Budda is currently being taken care of by The Woodford Humane Society. They are a non-profit animal advocacy group in Versailles, Kentucky. They serve as the shelter to all the homeless, unwanted, unloved animals in Woodford County, and also accept animals from surrounding counties and even other states.

Among the services that the Woodford Humane Society provides is education about animal welfare and low-cost spay/neuter services. Several events have been sponsored by this Adoption Center over the years including many offsite Adoption Events and our Annual Freedom Fest event. Freedom Fest is a popular fund-raiser with a dinner buffet, live and silent auction, farm tours and dancing.

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