Meet Dancer!

Dancer is a black and tan male Cockapoo who weighs about 15 pounds. Super cute, he is a great lap dog who really love attention and affection. Just looking at him makes you smile.

While he is very lively and not very old, Dancer does grumble a lot under his breath like a cranky old man. He needs to go into a home with an experienced dog own (one who doesn’t mind being grumbled at) and no children. Dancer is not in a shelter; he’s currently with a rescuer in the Sacramento area.

Dancer is listed through Fetch 11 Humane Society Inc. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, initiated in 2004 and incorporated in 2005. Although they will take in almost any dog that meets their requirements, they specialize in taking in unwanted pregnant dogs (seeing them through their pregnancy, and finding homes for them and their pups), puppies (8 weeks old and under), orphan pups (bottle babies), and stress-aggressive Chihuahuas. Special needs dogs and dogs that come from extreme situations also rank high with us for placement. The agency is a no-kill shelter.

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