Meet Sass!

Full of fun and energy, this young female has been a joy to her foster family. Sass, a 50 lbs, one year old Border Collie is eager for any experience, at any time.

She is great with people, big and small, always greeting them with a smile and a sincere wagging tail. Sass loves other dogs and is ready to play at a moments notice. When going to the dog park, you can count on Sass to make friends with everyone in less than five minutes.

She loves to run and chase and has ball drive, fetching tennis balls only when all of the other dogs are put to bed as she is easily distracted because of her young age. Sass has been tested on sheep and does possess herd drive but isn't serious about it as that day was just a fun afternoon for her. She does have fairly good recall and shows promise of being easily trained.

We met Sass currently being cared for through a foster home associated with Carolina Border Collie Rescue, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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