All about humane!

Here at Rescue Me, we are all about humane. So when we came across these humane mouse traps we wanted to share the info with you.

We have a lot of mice around the hill behind our house, and we have kitties. Before Mum got us pups, she took the kitties out to the hill to spend some quality time communing with nature - on leash, of course! They had a lot of fun. But because of the mice, our neighbors started putting out poison to kill the mice. Well, that ended my kittie brother's option to commune with nature on that hill, real fast. That stuff is lethal. So now they spend some time in our nicely fenced in yard, safe from these awful dangers.

A great alternative to using poisons to kill wildlife (which in most communities is against the law, including ours), is to use humane alternatives, like this mouse trap.

The sites products, Jt Eaton Repeater or Tin Cat are multiple mice traps with a low profile door. The trap does not flip the mice into another compartment so they say it is considered a humane mouse trap. You would need to check the traps frequently to let out the mice so they do not suffocate. May be worth checking out.