An all natural remedies!

We always try to follow a natural way of life at our house. Traumeel for sores spots (me and Mum), grape seed extract for Mum's nose in the winter, acidophilus and probiotics for my tummy, extra omega-3's for my skin and coat, Bach Flower remedies for stress and chiropractic to keep me in great shape for agility.

I've had, at times, taken manufactured drugs when things were serious - like the dog attack and my broken paw, and of course my rabies three year vaccine. But most all the time at our house we practice healing the natural way and feel the best way to heal is from nature itself. A lot of folks lately have been talking about colloidal silver. A natural antibiotic, it is used on pups and other pets for everything from ear and eye infections, coughs and infections, to improving the general health and well being of your pup.

Shawn Messonnier D.V.M., also talks about colloidal silver in her book the 'Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats.' Mum and I are going to research further to look into this idea!