Cleanin' up!

If you've got pets, we highly recommend a Dyson, well, at least my Mum does. Me? I hate the thing, but that's a pup for ya. Mum thinks it's one of the best vacuum cleaners on the market!

We have the D15 The Ball, and love how it maneuvers around the furniture, cabinets and my dog dish - going from vinyl to carpet with ease. Sometimes if Mum waits a couple of days, she'll vacuum and is just amazed at how much dirt we pups bring into the home - even the smallest, most minute bits of dirt. And the Dyson gets it all.

Recently they have come out with some new products. We haven't tried them, but they sound wonderful. One is a handheld created just for pet hair. The fact that the Dyson company thinks about us folks with pets, is really four paws up in our book.

By the way, when Mum was looking for vacuum cleaners a year or so ago, she did a lot of comparison shopping. The Dyson website was incredibly helpful in her decision making. You can see all the versions of the Dyson - upright, cylinder and handheld, and all the tools and accessories that they offer.