Dreamin' of a warmer place already!

Today it was 35 degrees. After a nice Spring, Summer and Fall, it's turned cold, and I'm already dreaming about a warmer place to be.

Sometimes I think that it would be better for us to live in a warmer climate. But not too warm, I'm a black dog, you know. A warmer place would allow us to do agility outside a lot longer throughout the year, and we'd get to spend more time to go hiking and play fetch. When it gets really cold, Mum has a hard time getting used to it, and she needs much warmer clothing to keep up with me out there.

Hawaii could be a nice place for us. But I think it's more a vacation idea, than a consideration for a place to live. Ahhh...a vacation, a little Hawaii rental house, next to the beach, 'cause I love sand. Of course, we would need to check out Hawaii Travel Info to make our preparations.