Get it published!

Who loves a great story about a pup rescued from the shelter? I know I do!

We all know there are incredible and wonderful stories out there just waiting to be told. Stories of survival, kindness, sacrifice and happy endings.

If you have ever thought of writing down the story of your rescued pup, we certainly encourage you to get started and do it! Share it with your friends, your shelter, blog about it, share it with the world. Because as far as we're concerned, there just are enough stories out there about shelter pups, what they are doing now, how they like their life, and all about their new family.

And we know there are others that feel the same. Write them down. Not only will it be a very rewarding experience but it could also be a great way to get publicity for your shelter or rescue group. We're proof!

Mum has thought about writing a book, many times. She writes a lot for her work and for her favorite things - our blogs. And she's even written books for companies that she's worked for. But everyone knows that getting Book Publishers interested in what you have to offer can be incredibly difficult. Self publishing can be a great way to get your book to market. Not only is it easy, but it's the way many folks are getting their story out. And some of these books have become best sellers. Read more about How to Publish a Book.