Here's an idea!

We've been reading Lee Harrington's book, Rex and the City, which is a really fun read, by the way. We aren't very far into the book yet, but remember reading something that stuck out. When Lee was looking to adopt a dog at the shelter where they found 'Rex,' there was a TV in the lobby that was running a DVD showcasing the story of the shelter and the pups that they had for adoption there.

We thought this was a great way to get the shelter a little more notice, and to share with folks their mission, some great 'happy tails,' and just a good overall human interest piece that could be shown on a TV in the shelter's lobby on TV Stands, with Audio Towers. And putting the TV up on a TV Stand would keep it from getting in the way, and in the way of the pups. If you have a TV already, just add a simple wall mount and you have a great way to get your story out there!