Keeping an eye out!

In this day and age, more and more shelters and rescues are becoming concerned about security. There are fairly inexpensive ways to deal with security at your shelter or rescue. Here's an idea, PC Security Cameras.

For about $350.00 you can have a two camera security system for your shelter or rescue, that records on a DVD and is viewable remotely. All you have to supply is the computer. And if cost is your number one concern it may be best to consider the PC Based DVR systems. They cost about the same as Time Lapse systems but they provide 200% clearer recording. Additionally, kits that install on a computer you provide are the most cost effective.

It is an additional expense, but the safety of the volunteers, workers, personnel and pets at the shelter are always of utmost importance. If you have concerns at your shelter, this may be an idea for you.