Looking for ways to make money!

I know all the shelters and rescues are always looking for lots of ways to earn more bucks for the pups. One way is by re-selling products through events that you attend, or through your website. Shelters probably already sell some items to raise funds, but you may also want to look at comparable and companion items that fit your market.

Here's an example of one way an organization could provide an additional product: A company that actively sells t-shirts and other printed materials can supplement their sales by providing Wholesale Replica Sunglasses. With this they can provide an additional product to their customers and supplement additional income, at the same time. Now Wholesale Sunglasses, may not be your first choice for your customer and audience, but they are a booming market.

If these items don't fit your fancy, you may try collars, leashes, beds, toys, and/or other items suitable for your animal loving market.