Meet Pearl!

Pearl is a 3 year old, 6 lb, cream and white colored parti Pomeranian who just got her freedom. Now she has her freedom to learn how to trust, to love, to sleep in soft, warm beds, to eat good food, to play with toys, to have all her medical needs attended to, and most of all freedom to just be a pup.

Pearl was rescued from a puppy mill. Right now she is a very scared, timid little girl, but I know she is going to blossom quickly now that she is safe. Her tail just wags and wags when you baby talk to her.

We found Pearl, currently being cared for by Puppy Mill Rescue in New Jersey. They were created to locate, foster, vet, and place in forever loving homes, purebred dogs previously used as breeders in Puppy Mills and Commercial Kennels. They house feed, rehabilitate, socialize, seek medical attention for, and spay/neuter the dogs rescued from a life of pain.

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