Meet Ryder!

Ryder is a Chihuahua/Cavalier Spaniel Mix, about two years old.

He is a such a sweetheart, definitely very loyal and loving. He's pretty much attached to his foster mom's heels. If she goes anywhere, like from the couch to the TV, he follows.

Ryder rides well in the car - just taking in the sights. He loves to give kisses and, not unlike most dogs, loves to be petted. Ryder needs a patient, loving home with someone who understands, and can help him with his separation issues. Ideally another dog in the household would be great to help him feel comfortable while you are way. He has a lot to give to his forever family, is that you?!

We found Ryder currently being cared for by R.E.S.C.U.E in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1995, they have operated with the philosophy that for every animal they place they will go back to rescue another facing an untimely death. To date, they have fulfilled that promise over 9,000 times.

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