Shelters take note!

We came across an interesting site that we wanted to pass on to all the shelters and pet lovers out there. It's called

Zootoo was founded by pet lovers in response to the massive pet food recall in 2007. Their primary goal is to allow people to make the most informed decisions for their pets using information provided by other real pet lovers. As a "user-generated platform" every pet parent gets a chance to participate in providing valuable information based on personal experience, thus making it an unbiased and reliable source of information and interaction for the pet community.

Zootoo helps pets by allowing active pet lovers on the site to dedicate their points to various causes. As of now, their main cause is the Zootoo House Shelter Makeover program. You can decide to dedicate your points to a shelter of your choice and help it win a shelter makeover. Click here to learn more.

For more information about Zootoo's shelter makeover contest, click here!