A little about the Shetland Islands and the Sheltland Sheepdog!

Mum has always dreamed of traveling. Not for work, but for fun! She's had enough of traveling for work! She showed me this book today - the Globetrotter's LogBook®. Now I want to be a globetrotter!

I'd absolutely love to travel to where my ancestor's came from - The Shetland Islands.

The Shetland Sheepdog originates from the Shetland Islands that lie northwest of the British Isles, between Scotland and Norway, approximately 50 miles north of Scotland and a bit south of the Arctic Circle. As can well be imagined, the climate is harsh and the terrain, rugged.

But the hiking I bet would be fantastic! Walking the rugged coast, taking in the sea air. Just sounds like a little bit of a dream. Unlike many Shelties we know, I just love the wet, cool air.

Then using the handbook we could check out much more of Europe with it's maps, site web addresses, accommodations listings and much more!

I'm in Mum, when do we leave?