Meet Pepper!

Pepper weighs 46 lbs. She has recently been fostered and is housebroken when taken out frequently enough. At home she will stay close to you and seldom barks, maybe once or twice if there is a good reason, and will immediately stop when asked.

She is an excellent companion in car rides and loves to play ball or frisbee. She'll make sure you get the toy back! Pepper is calm at home and does not touch your things but she does need good time out and play time. Pepper does not beg for food, but of course she likes to have a share of your food after you are done eating, and she
does not jump on sofas.

She is good with dogs, kids and ladies she meets in the neighborhood but may need a little time to warm up to men. Pepper is a really nice companion if you can provide her with the outdoor/playtime needed. She may turn out to be good in agility if you are into that great sport!

We found Pepper currently being cared for by the Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue, Inc., in Westfield, NY. They are a non-profit rescue group formed to help the neediest dogs and puppies in our area -- the strays, the orphaned, the abandoned.

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