In case of emergency!

You just never know when an emergency will strike! There are power outages, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes - everywhere you look there is danger. Are you prepared?

Not too long ago we put together a Squidoo lens on how to prepare your pets for when an emergency may arise. Check it out.

And today we came across something that every pet owner should have - window stickers on the the front window of their home to alert emergency workers that pets live there! You can get them at most pet stores or you can print your own and place them in the window. Check these out!

And remember to have your car ready too, loaded with a pet first aid kit, crates, blankets, water, extra food and more.

And if you're like my Mum you can even put a thermometer in your car, put in a hook for our leashes, add a tool kit, you name it she's got it covered - she's done everything accept put in Dodge Charger accessories to get our cars prepared! BOL!

But the important thing is to be prepared. Make it one of your New Year's resolutions!