Meet Elsie!

Elsie, an American Bulldog, Norwich Terrier mix, is a beautiful, sophisticated little girl. Born June 2006 she weighs an estimated 48 lbs. Out of her kennel, she's lovable as can be, and smart as a whip! She sits nicely and will drop her much-loved toy on command. The way she runs will crack up even the biggest stoic - she bounds like a clumsy puppy, all paws! She melts at the slightest touch.

Elsie would probably do best in a home with adults with or without older children. She would be a perfect companion for adults who can devote time to honing her natural intelligence. She can be possessive of real bones, which we are working on, but in the meantime simply reinforce the greatest of her den (her crate) by letting her have her bones in her crate.

Elsie has the cutest face - she doesn't need any natural acne treatments, fur sure!

We met Elsie through the Midwest Area Pit Stop Inc., in Madison, Wisconsin. They are a non-profit (501c3 status pending) Pit Bull Terrier rescue with the goal to help as many deserving, homeless Pit Bull Terriers as possible that have been abandoned.

For more information and a video of Elise, click here!