Meet Jeffy!

Jeffy is an approximately one year old Fox Terrier Mix. He is a happy energetic little guy that will warm your heart and your home. He came to rescue through a veterinary clinic when his owners brought him in to be euthanized because he suffered some kind of neurological damage that caused him to have cluster seizures.

While his family gave up hope, neither the vet nor the Hawaii Dog Foundation gave up on this little guy. Jeffy does have problems walking with his rear legs. However this does not stop this little guy from doing what he wants. His control in his rear legs is getting stronger every day. There is no way to tell if he will ever fully recover.

He runs and plays and acts just like any other dog. He walks well on carpet, but tiled and ceramic floors are a challenge for him. Something a pair of good doggy shoes may help with. If you have space in your heart and in your home, this little guy definitely will be the love and joy of your life.

We found Jeffy currently being cared for by the Hawaii Dog Foundation. HDF assures that every dog in Hawaii regardless of age, breed, temperament or treatable medical condition has the opportunity to live out their natural life in safety, health and contentment. At Hawaii Dog Foundation euthanasia is NEVER an option with a healthy dog.

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