Meet Laney!

Laney's happy smile belies a rough and tumble past. Laney was found emaciated, wandering the streets of South Central Los Angeles. She was so excited when she was her rescuer that she leapt right into the car!

Over the next few months, Laney was restored to health and was offered for adoption by a local rescue. While in the kennel, waiting for a forever home, Laney was again struck with misfortune. She developed a case of kennel cough that, with the poor heating, lack of exercise and love and care that a home would have brought, worsened into a case of pneumonia. The vet wasn't sure that Laney would survive. But she wasn't willing to give up - pull through she did and now, with a clean bill of health and a big grin to match, Laney is looking for her forever home.

She is a beautiful Pointer mix just around a year old and owns the longest tongue in the world. The better to lick you with of course. Laney is wonderful with all other dogs and is both house and crate trained. She is very playful, loves children, and likes to go on walks and car rides.

We found Laney currently being cared for by Boxers and Buddies Rescue in Northern Nevada! Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005. Our parent organization, the well-known Boxer Rescue Los Angeles (Boxer Rescue Fund Inc.), was founded in 1977 out of love and fierce determination by Ursula Sauthier.

Today, Boxers and Buddies provides a safe, humane sanctuary for abandoned Boxers who are waiting to be adopted.

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