Meet Shelbee!

Shelbee is the sweetest ten year old Sheltie you could ever meet. She was turned over to rescue when her family could no longer keep her. When she first arrived, she was quite a bit overweight weighing in at 55 pounds. Shelbee is now a much healthier 51 pounds and probably should weigh about 45lbs. She has a beautiful face.

Shelbee no longer has as much difficulty standing up because of her weight. She may have a touch of arthritis too. But for a 10 year old, there are really very few signs of arthritic problems.

Shelbee loves to be cuddled and loved on. She's very calm and laid back, very good with other dogs, and she's good with cats, too. Shelbee's weight is not due to a thyroid condition.

We found Shelbee currently being cared for by the nice folks at Sheltie Rescue of Utah. They ensure that all "homeless Shelties", most of whom have been badly neglected and/or abused, are placed in permanent, loving homes as a special four-legged member of the family. Their primary concern is placing each Sheltie into an environment that is most likely to be supportive of that particular dog's physical and emotional recovery. And be sure and visit their blog for lots of Sheltie Tails!

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