Meet Zeus!

Zeus needs a special someone to adopt him. He came to rescue with his sister (who was adopted) at 6 months old. Coming here was the first time he had ever been out of the backyard. Needless to say he wasn't socialized correctly, and he needs someone who is willing to come visit him at the shelter to build a bond. Once you get to know him, he will give kisses and be playful! He just needs time getting to know you!

We met Zeus through the Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island in South Kingstown, RI. The Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island accepts pets surrendered by their owners. There are many reasons a person may find it necessary to surrender his or her pet. A death in the family, divorce, allergies, moving, a new baby in the household, are just some of the reasons they are given. The ARL/SRI operates as a "limited admission" shelter. We do not euthanize animals just to make room to take in more animals.

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