My favorite agility trial flooring!

One of my favorite places to attend an agility trial is at the Circle G in Lewisburg, Ohio. It's a wonderful horse barn with great dirt flooring. A fabulous surface to run on. And I like it because it's almost always cool in the barn. But when it gets down to 30 or 20 degrees it gets pretty cold in there.

The last time we were there they turned on the gas propane heaters, and it made it a little more comfortable. Mum also took some new fleece blankets to put over our crates - me and Gracie. And she made real sure to warm me up with exercises before my run.

This weekend we'll be attending an AKC trial at the local dog training club. It has indoor soccer flooring, not one of my favorites. But we are super psyched to be doing a trial in January. This will be my first trial of 2008. We hope to do well!