Taking care of the peeps!

Some of you may know that my Grandmum is in a home now because she cannot take care of herself and has to be cared for 24 hours a day. She has Alzheimer's. She doesn't know me anymore, she doesn't know my Mum, her health is declining and it's very sad.

Just like when us pups get older, peeps need special care. Some peeps need to live in a care home where other peeps can keep watch over them 24 hours a day and tend to their needs, keeping them happier and healthier, providing them with constant needed medical attention and medicines they need to feel better, keeping them out of harms way, and providing much needed exercise, mental and physical.

I remember the last time my Grandmum visited us. As a pup I have a different way of knowing about peeps than Mum does. I knew the instant she walked in the door that she wasn't the same Grandmum that I had seen before and I tried to tell Mum. But she didn't understand what I was trying to tell her. But then as Grandmum's health declined, it became more apparent that Grandmum was sick. That's when Mum realized what I was trying to say. Sometimes us pups are psychic like that, we just know when something is not right.

It's always difficult when something like this happens to our peeps. But knowing that someone is keeping a close eye on them and taking good care of them is a real help and gives us peace of mind. I know my Mum feels that way and I do to.