Thinking of moving?

Mum and I have been thinking about moving, just a thought in our head right now. It's just so cold here, and we don't really have any ties here anymore with family gone. So why not?

Why not go somewhere warmer, somewhere where we can do agility more throughout the year, somewhere where we can have a little more land. Sounds like a great adventure if you ask me!

We could look at Denver Homes for Sale, Los Angeles Homes for Sale, or even Bronx Real Estate, well, guess the Bronx and NY wouldn't be a really great option for us. But maybe some of the warmer states, and somewhere where the cost of living is a bit lower would be great!

We found a fun site, that may just help us out in finding a new place. The Real Estate Book is a nationally and internationally recognized brand that you see at all the local groceries and gas stations.

If you didn't have any ties, and wanted to go and live somewhere, where would you go?