Why 'free to good home' is not a good idea!

You've seen the ads - on the Internet and in the newspaper. Well meaning and unsuspecting individuals are looking to place a wonderful dog they found as a stray or for some reason they can't keep. They list them as 'free to a good home;' thinking that it will help the pup or kittie find a wonderful new home, quickly and easily.

But there are vultures circling, just looking for ads like this. People who want to harm these wonderful pups, people who:

  • fight dogs
  • breed dogs over and over in puppy mills
  • sell dogs to puppy mills
  • kill animals as a sacrifice
  • sell dogs for animal research
  • feed animals to exotic pets
  • and even more horrific reasons.
Don't list your pup as 'free to good home'. The pup is a living, breathing, sentient being - and those that will care and love are willing to pay for the privilege of owning such a wonderful dog. Screen potential adopters carefully, charge a fee for the honor of owning the dog you need to find a home for, and more....if they need to get a cash advance, so be it!

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