Meet Sasha!

This sweet 1 1/2 yrs. old, thirty-five lb. Border Collie / Flat-coated Retriever mix is such a beauty. Sasha is quite a little cuddle bug, loves all of that snugglie, kissie face stuff, and why not, she sure deserves it, every bit of it!!

She will surely love a nice cozy bed to sleep in (preferably yours) and a great new owner that will be soooo happy to snuggle in right next to her every night of the week!! She'll love a nice comfortable couch to sit on and while she's chilling out. Of course while she is chilling she will love to be watching TV right next to you!! She doesn't even care what she is watching. Whatever makes you happy makes her happy!! She has such a terrific personality! She is very friendly, absolutely loves everyone. She is great with her canine cronies, loves to play!

Sasha is currently being cared for by Pets In Distress in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pets In Distress is an all volunteer run "no-kill" rescue group which takes in and places for adoption unwanted pets. They do not have a shelter but operate as a foster network. This means that they rely solely on volunteers to provide foster homes for our pets until they are permanently placed in adoptive homes.

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