Meet Yukon!

Yukon is a 7 year old, 110 lb great dane/am staff mix. He is an absolute love! He is super friendly and calm. Despite his size he thinks he is a lap dog. He likes to play with basketballs and rope toys. Sometimes he can be a bit clumsy and may not notice that he knocks things over with his tail. He is on a special diet for his skin allergies. He has been exposed to other dogs and kids of all ages. He isn't a fan of cats though.

We met Yukon currently being cared for by Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. The ARL/SRI operates as a "limited admission" shelter. Some may refer to this as a "no kill" shelter. They do not euthanize animals just to make room to take in more animals. Consequently, they may sommetimes have a waiting list for dog surrenders and usually have a waiting list for cat surrenders.

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