A warning reminder: Xylitol is dangerous!

The San Jose Mercury News has a good reminder warning about xylitol, a sweetener used as a sugar substitute and found in lots of items from gum to breath mints. And very tempting to us pups.

We humans spend small fortunes trying to find the best breath mints.

A couple of those little mints almost killed Stephanie Lam's pug, Harley.

Now she's on a bit of a crusade to warn other pet owners about the dangers of a chemical found in some common drugstore items that could be fatal to cats and dogs.

Stephanie does not take things lightly. The San Jose resident is the organizer of a couple of social groups - the San Jose Pug Meetup Group and the South Bay French Bulldog Meetup Group. The groups have about 500 members total, and each group meets separately once a month.

In addition to her pug, Stephanie has a French bulldog, as well as a rescued pit bull. In her spare time, she's an active member of Our Pack, a non-profit group that rescues and trains pit bulls.

Once she learned about the dangers to pets of xylitol, a sweetener used as a sugar substitute, she spent hours researching at the library and scouring store shelves to come up with a list of products that contain the chemical.

Here's Stephanie's story about Harley and the breath mints. Read more!
Gracie's doesn't go for Mum's breath mints, but her favorite are Mum's undies! It's never a bad idea to keep those undies and lingerie out of reach of your pups too. When swallowed they have a good chance of creating a bowel obstruction! So be careful out there, K?