13 Groups that help owners who can’t afford veterinary care!

Our new friends at Frogdog Blog - A French Bulldog Breeder’s Blog, wrote a great post the other day listing 13 groups that help owners who can’t afford veterinary care. We just had to pass it on!

Responsible pet owners are aware of the costs involved in caring for their pets, and do their best to provide the best Veterinary care possible. But what about those people who have suffered financial set backs - the people who’ve been laid off, or have lost their jobs, or who simply are on limited incomes? Their budgets might force them to choose between emergency care for a beloved cat or dog, or paying the rent. The following groups help the poor, the lower income, the elderly, women in shelter situations and those with limited incomes to cover health care costs on their pets. Some also provide low or no cost spay and neuters.
Read more and see the list! Thanks Frogdog Blog - we're pulling out the popcorn machines and pupcorn for you, great list!