800 dogs seized from home in Arizona!

We were watching Nancy Grace on CNN last night and saw a report about this horrible situation described by the Arizona Republic.

800 dogs seized from home

Northwest of Tucson, in a triple-wide trailer in rural Avra Valley, officials are making a most unusual rescue effort.

About 800 small dogs - Chihuahuas, terriers and Pomeranians - are being taken away, along with 82 parrots.

Jenny Rose, a spokeswoman with Humane Society of Southern Arizona, described filthy conditions and said three dogs were found dead.

She said the rescued dogs will be treated and put up for adoption.

Pima County sheriff's Sgt. Terry Parish described the elderly couple who live at the home as well-meaning but in a situation that had grown out of control. "They knew they were in over their heads," he said. "We came here and worked out an agreement."

County records show Billy and Wanda Jones own the house, but Parish did not identify the couple, and it was not clear if the property owners also own the animals.

Deputies visited the home after a tip from a woman who had bought a Chihuahua from the couple.

The new pet was diagnosed with kennel cough, and a vet advised her to alert authorities.

"Two people, especially elderly people, trying to care for these animals is just not possible," Parish said.
In an update in today's online edition of the Arizona Republic:
Volunteers from the Arizona Chihuahua Rescue are packing for another trip from the Valley to Tucson.

They're hoping to bring back more of the 800 dogs seized on Tuesday from a mobile home trailer - where officials said a an elderly couple was hoarding the animals under horrific conditions.

The non-profit Phoenix based group has already brought about 108 of the Chihuahuas, Chi mixes, Pomeranians, and Yorkies, to the Valley. The group is working to get about 150 of the dogs.

From Apache Junction to Scottsdale and Peoria, the rescue group's trained network of foster families are working to care for the dogs. Families like the Someros in Apache Junction are caring for five Chihuahuas.

"The poor things are so used to being crammed together that they don't even know how to explore away from the kennel in our bedroom where they're free to roam around, " said Stacey Somero.

Two of the dogs that arrived on Saturday were in a kennel labeled biters. "It's O.K," she says as she tries to coax them out. "They're nipping or biting out of fear - and I'll keep showing them the hand isn't any thing to be afraid of," she said.

In a small parade of cars, armed with kennels, water bowls and blankets, the Chihuahua Rescue has made two trips to Tucson. On Wednesday night they rendezvoused with the caregivers in the parking lot of Arizona Mills.

Even the paperwork has been overwhelming, recording the dogs numbers on their taped collars from the Humane Society, the dog's immediate medical needs and where they'll be cared for.

Barb Rabe, of Mesa is caring for one of the four mother and pregnant Chihuahuas and her four 4-week old puppies.

Rabe and Michele Marske, of Mesa founded the organization three years ago.

"I never imagined seeing anything like this," said Rabe, who has been coordinating the rescue efforts. "When I got the call on Tuesday night about the hundreds of dogs. I thought it was a joke - a very sad joke. But then I got another call and another, as the numbers of dogs kept adding up."

Rabe is grateful for the public's response.

Calls and support have come in from all over the country causing the group's website to crash a few times.

Rabe says right now the group could use cash donations to fund not only the vet bills for a dogs' final checkup, before adoption, but for microchips, and the spay and neuter costs the group incurs for every dog they adopt out.

Donations can be made through a Chase bank account, 2903372221 or at azchihuahuarescue.org