Are you ready to adopt?

If you are wondering if you are ready to adopt a pet? Are you financially able? Emotionally ready for the responsibility? Have time in your life to give to a pet? Do you have the proper space? What type of pet is best to fit your lifestyle?

The North Shore Animal League has put together a great adoption manual to help you better understand the commitment involved in owning a pet. Check it out, it's well worth your time.

And if you are a shelter or rescue, this would be a great document to share with your potential adopters.

Us pups can be a lot of fun, but we can be a handful sometimes! Just ask my Mum. We can get into things like tissue boxes and trash, chew up furniture, leave our 'mark' on just about everything including fiberglass columns, we can even sometime bark up a storm, sometimes. We'll need training, attention, love, time, fresh air, running room and some of us even need a job.

Be sure you are ready, K?