An article: Animal shelters faulted for pet overpopulation!

An interesting article in by Denise Flaim...

Animal shelters faulted for pet overpopulation

It's the breeders' fault for churning out too many puppies.

It's the owners' fault for lacking the moral fiber to provide a forever home.

Heck, maybe it's the animals' fault, for their persistent fecundity and reliance on we notoriously unreliable humans.

When it comes to the blame game over animal overpopulation, Nathan Winograd has an unusual - some might argue counterintuitive - target: shelters and humane organizations.

A former attorney and founder of the national No Kill Advocacy Center, Winograd is the author of "Redemption: The Myth of Pet Population and the No Kill Revolution in America" (Almaden, $16.95), which advances an almost unthinkable notion: That shelters and humane organizations are complicit in the overpopulation issue because of an institutional bias - imperative, even - toward killing animals.

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